Our Generous Benefits Package

Kiriworks offers a competitive compensation package that includes health/dental/vision/disability/life insurance, paid vacations and a 401(k) plan.

Paid Time Off (PTO) - Kiriworks offers paid time off to employees with increased PTO after the 2nd, 5th and 10th years of employment. We also routinely offer Summer Flex Days, Holiday Time and qualifying compensation time.

401K Safe Harbor - Our 401K program kicks in after 12 months of employement. Unlike other employers we automatically contribute 3% of an eligible employees salary to their 401K Safe Harbor, with full vesting regardless of the employee contribution.

Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance - we offer a comprehensive array of benefits, depending on your coverage needs. Some options are provided automatically at no cost to you and others are available if you chose them.

Health Savings Account (HSA) - Through our health plans you are eligible to make pre-tax deposits into a Health Savings Account. Kiriworks can also make annual contributions to your HSA at the discretion of management.

Providing The Tools To Succeed

We understand the value of continuing education, training and industry certifications. That's why we encourage all of our team members to pursue the knowledge necessary to elevate their skills and advance their careers.

Individual Development Plans - Once you've officially been crowned a Kiriworkian, you'll sit down with your team manager and build an individual development plan. You happiness, growth and success is a two-way street so we encourage you to come prepared with courses, topics and skill sets you'd like to pursue in addition to the recommendations and ideas from your manager.

Beyond The Office - We want your on-the-job experience to be as valuable as possible. We encourage you to get involved in your industry by joining committees, sitting on boards, attending conferences and taking field trips to see our customers. Have other ideas on how you'd like to spread your wings? Bring us your ideas, we're happy to consider all events, groups and gatherings that will help you grow.

Hyland Software - We are lucky to be partnered with leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software developer, Hyland Software. This partnership provides us with premium access to their corporate training courses as well as their state of the art facility. Even if you've never worked with ECM software, we'll get you trained and equipped with everything you need to become an OnBase product expert. Just bring your desire to learn and we'll provide the rest.

Best of the Best - From standing desks to high powered computers and the latest software, we equip you with the tools and equipment you need to make the most of your days. Say goodbye to that Commodore 64 and those vintage floppy disks, we're all about being mobile, agile and advanced.


Working 9-5 What's That?

In addition to providing more work-life balance to our employees, we have found that flexible schedules create a positive culture and build a strong sense of loyalty and trust among our team.

Work From Home (WFH) - Our team members enjoy the flexibility of a variety of work from home options. Availability varies from position to position but today's technology makes it easier than ever to work from remote locations. Our primary focus is on productivity - whether you're in your pajamas at home or joining the team in the office your output is what's most important.

Flexible Hours - Flexibility can lead to a better work/life balance and we want our team to thrive. Need to attend your niece's dance recital? Want to take a class that starts at 4pm? Early mornings not really your happy time? We know happier people are more productive so let's talk about what works best in your role and craft a schedule that creates less stress and more results.

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